The power of plus. For 55+ years, they’ve gone above and beyond your typical engineering firm.
Atlanta, GA

Transform PEC's Dated Identity to Reflect Expertise and Innovation

For nearly six decades, Planners and Engineers Collaborative (PEC) stood as a stalwart in the engineering sector, yet its dated identity posed significant challenges. In 2019, the company recognized the urgent need for a modern overhaul. The existing brand failed to attract top talent and lacked the sophistication expected in a competitive landscape. PEC approached Tantrum with a clear directive: revitalize their image to reflect their current leadership and capabilities.


The Power of Plus: Reinventing PEC's Identity

The objective was ambitious: to transform PEC's outdated identity into PEC+, a dynamic emblem of innovation and expertise. The rebrand aimed not only to refresh the company's visual identity but also to redefine its narrative. PEC+ sought to embody the ethos of "The power of plus," symbolizing its commitment to delivering exceptional services that exceed industry standards. The goal was clear: to position PEC+ as a forward-thinking leader in the engineering realm, capable of tackling the most complex challenges with creativity and precision.


A Dynamic Transformation: The New PEC+

With Tantrum's guidance, PEC+ emerged with a vibrant new identity that encapsulated its rich legacy while projecting a bold vision for the future. The company's logo, adorned with the symbol "+," symbolized its comprehensive suite of services and forward momentum. The brand's color palette, anchored by a striking burnt orange hue, commanded attention and set PEC+ apart from its competitors. PEC+ now stood poised to continue its legacy of excellence, armed with a modern identity that resonated with clients, employees, and stakeholders alike.

The Power of Plus

For 55+ years, the team at Planners & Engineers Collaborative have gone above and beyond your typical engineering firm. Their team of engineers, planners, surveyors, and landscape architects work closely with each other to provide comprehensive solutions that no one else can.

We provide solutions.


Fully integrated services.

The new PEC+ brand identity highlights and reinforces the diverse set of skills that Planners & Engineers Collaborative offers. More than just “planners” or “engineers,” the company offers a fully integrated suite of services.

Solutions that do more.

In the new PEC+ brand identity, elements are in constant motion; shifting, pivoting and converging on each other to illustrate the idea of movement and growth. This creates a visual identity that continuously builds on itself by including repetition of typography

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