Unexpected agency. Unexpected impact.

Like a sudden tantrum, we disrupt the ordinary and embrace the unexpected. With our bold creativity and unconventional approach, we aim to defy expectations.
Two people working in the Tantrum design studio, in Atlanta, GA.

‍Whether it's a sudden shift in consumer behavior, an unforeseen market disruption, or an arduous internal change, we understand that unexpected challenges can arise at any moment for our clients. We embrace the unexpected. Where some see obstacles, we see opportunity.

our approach

Get noticed.
Stir emotion. Move people.

Our process is anything but ordinary. We believe that creativity flourishes when boundaries are pushed and norms are challenged. With each project, we aim to defy expectations, surprise audiences, and deliver results that transcend the ordinary.
our process

Get noticed.

First, we immerse ourselves in your story. We listen intently, soaking up every detail of your vision, your challenges, and your aspirations. We conduct extensive research, analyzing your industry landscape, competitors, and target audience. Our goal? To help you get noticed in a crowded market by understanding what makes you stand out from the competition.

Stir emotion.

Next, we ideate and collaborate. Armed with insights and inspiration, we roll up our sleeves and let the creative juices flow. We brainstorm ideas, sketch out concepts, and explore different directions that stir emotion and forge connections with your audience.

Move people.

Finally, armed with our carefully crafted strategy and creative assets, it's time to move people to action. Whether it's making a purchase, joining a movement, or spreading the word, we'll turn inspiration into action and drive real results for your business.
guiding principles


We're collaborative.

We don’t know everything. Who does? But we do know the best branding comes from having an open conversation.

We're humble.

We challenge the status quo and take bold risks to create meaningful impact for our clients.

We're doers.

When we say we’re going to do something, we do it - and do it well. After all, we seriously enjoy branding - the whole process of it.

We're thoughtful.

We’re all about discovering a brand’s truth, then bringing it to life. We obsess over the purest details that will get people talking, clicking, and buying.

We're straight-up.

Some agencies say “yes” to anything to make a quick buck. Not us, we’re honest with our clients because we want the best for them.

We're listeners.

We are bringing back the art of listening. We desire to do a lot of it. After all, it’s your brand, so you should definitely do the talking.