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ARC Management

An agency built on connections.


Atlanta, GA

An agency built on connections.

The ARC brand is built on connections. Connections between people.Connections between technology. Connections to opportunities. ARC exists at the connection point between sports, music and entertainment. And it's built on the connection between its founders. The guys over at ARC are some of the best in the business. Lorne Clark and Tate Henshaw bring years of industry experience to their new endeavor.

Lorne Clark brings the experience of a scout, an agent, and one of the top business managers in the industry. Being well respected not only in sports and entertainment but also within the startup community, he brings a holistic approach to managing the lives and careers of his clients that few can rival.

Tate Henshaw executes for Grammy winners, NBA All-Stars, and international tech companies with the same laser focus that got him named as one of the top 40 accountants in America. His experience with tour accounting, royalty administration, and fintech give Arc the ability to rival services provided by the top business managers in the industry.

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