Share Our Strength

Share Our Strength is a global nonprofit with 40 years of experience bringing individuals and organizations and communities together to share their strengths to fight hunger and poverty.
Share Our Strength
Washington, DC

A legacy brand with no identity.

In Fall 2020, Pamela Taylor approached Tantrum with a challenge. As CMO of Share Our Strength, she sought to redefine the organization's brand voice, which had been overshadowed by the success of the No Kid Hungry campaign. Despite its achievements, Share Our Strength lacked a distinct identity.


A need for an expanded focus.

There was a real, tangible need to address the current landscape of poverty, hunger, and social justice/racial equality, which are the underpinnings of the hunger and poverty symptoms. However, addressing these issues didn’t seem to fit neatly in to the current Share Our Strength brand architecture.


The past was our way forward.

Tantrum was tasked with repositioning and revitalizing the 40-year-old brand. Through a deep dive into the organization's history, we demonstrated that the resurgence of SOS wasn't merely a good idea but a necessary one. Why? Because, "It takes more than food to fight hunger."

Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Share Our Strength believes every person, no matter their age or background, has a strength to share in support of fight against hunger and poverty. Share Our Strength is working to ensure children, families and communities have the resources they need to thrive today, tomorrow and forever.
Share Our Strength

Everyone has a strength to share.

Share Our Strength

Building a movement.

Share Our Strength is a message of unity and action. We Can’t Do This Alone. Every one has a strength to share in our fight against hunger and poverty. Together, we can create a better today, tomorrow and forever for our children, families and communities.

Grounded in history.

Share Our Strength is the parent organization of the No Kid Hungry campaign. It was founded in 1984 and has been at the forefront of fighting hunger and poverty for children and families for the past 40 years.

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Share Our Strength