#TeamTantrum: Meet Sr. Art Director Stacey Smith!
October 12, 2020
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Stacey Smith

There aren’t enough words to express how lucky we are to have Stacey Smith, Tantrum’s Senior Art Director, as part of the team! From day one, Stacey has been the engine behind the agency, and we don’t know what we’d do without her. Check out our Q&A with Stacey to find out why we love her so much! Or, as David would say...why she’s so dope.

#TantrumTen: 10 Questions with Tantrum’s Stacey Smith

1. Hometown
: Milwaukee, WI

2. Dream Job Growing Up: Radio Personality. I love chatting with people! I also wanted to be a cop. There was something special about being a woman in a “man’s field.” I thought it would’ve been cool to prove that I could do it. I also liked the excitement and athleticism of it.

3. First Design Job: Culver Advertising and Design 

4. Last Design Job before Tantrum: Art director and designer at Kohl’s 

5. What do you read to stay sharp? TrendHunter is a go-to. I also believe everything is inspiration and inspiration is everywhere!

6. One thing we’d never guess about you: I moonlight as a hand model! I’ve been in lifestyle/commercial modeling since 2007. I got into it while working at Kohl’s and never let it go. I really enjoy it! I also love sports and went to college on a softball scholarship. 

6. Favorite Sport & Team: Football; Green Bay Packers!

8. What are some of the projects you’ve worked on with Tantrum? 




Atlanta Dream 

Green Growth Brands 

Devin Taylor Designs 

Planners and Engineers Collaborative

9. Do you have a favorite project? I truly enjoy each project, but some more than others ;) The best thing is that we have a variety of clients in different industries - it keeps me from getting bored. I enjoy the challenge of learning something new.

10. What attracted you to Tantrum?I really wanted the ability to expand beyond the retail scene. I also wanted more agency experience and to do more than just fashion branding. I’d been at Kohl’s for 13 years and was doing well, but it wasn’t exciting anymore. I wanted a new challenge and freedom from corporate culture. But most importantly, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to work with David. Although our time together at Kohl’s was short, I learned a lot from him. He’s one of the only people in my career that’s been a true leader for me, and I knew I could learn a lot more. I also just really enjoyed working with him. There was always a great deal of trust and mutual respect. He’s compassionate, even-tempered, understanding and just a smart dude! It’s been a fun ride so far! 

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