A retreat from the everyday. Camp brings us one with nature and helps us find center.
Las Vegas, NV

Crafting CAMP's Unique Identity

Green Growth Brands approached us with a multifaceted challenge: to develop the concept for their new cannabis brand, CAMP. Amidst a competitive market landscape, our mission was to carve out a niche for CAMP as a destination that harmonized with nature and offered a haven for personal connection.


Cultivating CAMP's Authenticity and Appeal

Through meticulous brand storytelling, visual design, and product curation, we aimed to establish CAMP as the go-to spot for premium cannabis products that elevate both mind and body, fostering an active and engaged lifestyle.


From Concept to Culture

With a focus on quality and community, CAMP's solventless rosin collection garnered praise for its purity and taste, solidifying its position as a trusted name in the cannabis space. Today, CAMP stands as a testament to the power of mindful branding and meaningful connection within the cannabis culture.

Gather around the fire.

We were approached by the team at Green Growth Brands in theSpring of 2018. At the time, the company wanted to go to market with multiple brands, and they needed our help developing one of their concepts for a cannabis brand, Camp. We created the original brand story, visual look, logotype, apparel, and packaging for the brand.

Where's your camp?


Find your happy place.

Discover a place where you can be completely yourself. A place where nothing gets you down. Somewhere to make your own adventure. Unplug, take a deep breath and recharge. This is your happy place. Located inside The Source dispensary, CAMP is a reimagined retail experienced based on community and quality.

A new retail experience.

CAMP is a destination for the Las Vegas cannabis community; a place to find premium products that support and enhance an active lifestyle. Known for its unique extraction process, CAMP’s solventless collection are extracted using only pressure and heat to create the most natural, best tasting 100% solventless rosin.

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