A new way of teaching and learning. Our custom education program for CMS bridges the gap between curriculum and the real world.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Charlotte, NC

Diversify Marketing Education

For too many high school marketing students, a glaring disparity loomed large: students of color were underrepresented, and traditional curriculum lacked real-world relevance. This gap between theory and practice hindered students from diverse backgrounds from envisioning themselves in marketing careers. Recognizing this challenge, Tantrum partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to confront the disparity head-on, launching the Lacuna initiative.


Bridging the Gap

Lacuna wasn't just about addressing the disparity; it was about empowering students with knowledge and opportunities. Our goal was clear: to provide high school students, particularly those from underrepresented communities, with a curriculum that not only taught marketing theory but also connected them with the real-world applications of those concepts. Through practical experiences and industry insights, we aimed to ignite passion and ambition in the hearts of tomorrow's marketers.


Empowering Tomorrow's Marketers

With state approval secured and enthusiastic student participation, our initiative began reshaping the landscape of high school marketing education. Students gained confidence as they delved into case studies, earned industry certifications, and embarked on hands-on projects. The once-existing void was gradually filled with inspiration, aspiration, and a newfound sense of belonging. And as Lacuna continues to evolve, we remain committed to nurturing diverse talent and fostering a future where every student has the opportunity to thrive in the marketing industry.

Bridging the gap.

We identified the core principles in each program. We also identified key words, terms, and concepts that were not covered in the existing curriculum.

“It's truly a gem. Tantrum is a blessing to so many teachers.”

Tierra Christopher

We knew that the core curriculum is what the students would ultimately be tested on.


As a result, our goal was not to create materials that replaced the current curriculum. Rather, we sought to develop supplementary materials that helped bring the curriculum to life in ways that are interesting and relevant to today’s student.

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