We Have a Team of Talented Creative Minds
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Your Content Needs Are Endless, But We’ll Help

In order to build an online presence and a community of customers, you’ll need a significant amount of digital content. This content is how you get your company noticed and keep customers engaged and excited for new offerings from your business. Constantly creating content for your business is no easy task and often requires specialized knowledge or experience. At Tantrum Agency, we can help you keep up with the content needs of your business. We can also help you develop an effective content strategy and a content schedule to keep your posts on track.


We Have a Team of Talented Creative Minds

Businesses have more work to do than ever before. It’s not enough to just create a stellar product or service and hope word of your business travels by mouth. To be successful now means creating a brand people trust and a community they want to be a part of. All of this rests on the content you produce and share with potential customers. At Tantrum Agency, we can help you with this part of your business, as we have the experience and knowledge needed to know what your customers want and how to get them to listen. As part of our full-service content and campaign marketing agency, we offer content production services for businesses in Atlanta, GA and Washington D.C.

Digital Content + Customized Strategy

As a digital content marketing production agency, we can help our clients produce all types of digital content. Most often, businesses come to us with no idea what type of content they need or how to create it and share it. We can complete in-depth research about your customer base and determine what kinds of content they'll respond to, and then we’ll work with you to create it. For example, some audiences will respond more to written content, like blogs and websites, while others might be more engaged by videos and graphics. We’ll help you determine what you need and produce it for you.

OUr capabilities
We have a team of creative copywriters who can create written content for all your digital channels, including your website, blog, e-books, social media, and more. Our writers will produce original, engaging content to connect with your customers.
A lot goes into planning a video production. Once you come up with the idea and the script, you have to plan out each shot. Our team can help with this process of storyboarding, as we have a team of creatives with experience in planning and shooting videos.
Video Production
Once we’ve helped you storyboard your video, we can take the project to the finish line with our video production services. We have a team of experienced videographers and other creatives to develop a unique idea and bring it to life in video form.
Motion Graphics
Many videos can benefit from motion graphics, and our team can produce them. Our talented team of designers has experience creating motion graphics for many different types of projects, including presentations, videos, websites, and more.
Explainer Videos
Does your business deal with a complicated subject matter or have products that require a little explanation to understand their value? We can create a short explainer video to explain your company’s product or service to potential customers. These are the perfect addition to your website home page or a landing page.
Live-Action Production
If you would rather produce a video with live-action photography instead of animation, our company can do that, too. We can help you produce commercials and other marketing videos to meet your business needs.
Corporate Presentations
Do you have a big presentation coming up for potential investors or retail partners? We can help you create eye-catching graphics and presentations to make a great impression and help secure essential partnerships.

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