Genesys Health

Genesys is a new beginning for business. A beginning marked by stronger communication and customized care which breeds company cultures, which attract and retain top talent.
Genesys Health
Atlanta, GA

A heart to serve

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Genesys Health is a revolutionary consultancy that advises businesses on insurance and healthcare. As their name implies, Genesys aims to be a new beginning for businesses who truly care about the well-being of their employees.


New beginnings

This fearless company—with an even more courageous mission—sought a brand that was at once sophisticated and thoughtful while also being timeless and a bit edgy.


Timeless and a bit edgy.

The new brand for Genesys Health features a modern font paired with classic patterns and colors. Added touches like a gold emblem, lightning bolt accents, and neon pink details ensure the identity maintains a bit of surprise and embellishment. Because, although the healthcare industry may seem traditional, Genesys Health is anything but.‍

Two fiercely dynamic founders

Caryn Cook and Tonia Scofield both bring a heartfelt and powerful intensity to their work.
Genesys Health

People are everything.

Genesys Health

Data-driven. People-focused.

At Genesys, their business is providing benefits for employees; they're passion is the employees themselves. They believe in a world where every individual—no matter their age, race, creed or color—has access to high quality, barrier-free health care.

Agents of change

Led by the powerhouse team of Caryn Cook, Tonia Scofield, and Matt Monahan, the principals are inquisitive, bold, and passionate, with hearts to serve and a mission to provide fairness and equity in the healthcare industry and within their clients’ organizations.

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Genesys Health