Grail ATL x Tantrum

What are you searching for? A custom piece created by one of Atlanta's hottest boutique fashion houses.
Grail ATL
Atlanta, GA

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GRAIL-ATL is an independent, contemporary apparel and accessory brand that values individuality and innovation.
Grail ATL x Tantrum

“A big reason we decided to start building GRAIL was the opportunity to make good art with good people; and with this collection we took full advantage of the opportunity.”

Phillip Sidberry

What are you searching for?

Grail ATL x Tantrum

Custom Details

We connected with premier branding agency @grailatl to create a custom colorway of their ORIGINS crossbody backpack. This custom bag features a unique print using our agency’s logos on the waterproof, waxed canvas. Both brands were represented extremely well and this bag turned out 2X dope.

Artistic Integrity

‍The brands commitment to artistic integrity and details can be found in every stitch of every product. The goal is to put art at the forefront of our brand, let the art speak for itself and be that gem you are searching for. #WeAreALLSearchingForSomething

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Grail ATL x Tantrum