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The Athlete's Foot

Championing Black-owned retail


Atlanta, GA

Championing Black-owned retail

Also known as the Strategic African American Retail Track, StAART is The Athlete's Foot's response to the growing the racial disparity in the sneaker industry. We were floored when faced with the facts: The sneaker industry is forecasted to reach $95 billion by 2025. Despite this growth, Black people - considered the primary influencers of sneaker culture - only represent less than 1% of leadership and ownership positions within the industry.

Through StAART, The Athlete’s Foot will directly recruit, develop and mentor Black entrepreneurs through its retail franchise model. The program will provide StAART franchisees with access to resources, systems, relationships with its strategic brand partners, and a mentorship network - directly addressing many of the barriers that typically prevent Black entrepreneurs from launching and successfully sustaining their businesses.

Tantrum collaborated with StAART creator and longtime TAF marketing executive Darius Billings to create a visual identity that would help the program get the attention it deserved in the industry and in the streets. The program is on a mission to open 50 new stores owned and operated by Black entrepreneurs in the next five years.

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