Turnerboone is a Best in Class Haworth furniture dealership serving the Southeast and beyond, with showrooms in Atlanta, Huntsville, and Birmingham.
Atlanta, GA

A digital overhaul to reflect their remarkable growth.

Turnerboone faced the daunting task of expanding into new markets across the Southeast while maintaining their brand identity and integrity. With growth on the horizon, they needed a digital platform that would reflect their evolution and convey the essence of their brand to a broader audience.


A website that transcends the conventional.

Their goal was clear: to create a digital experience that would captivate visitors and provide insight into what it's like to work with Turnerboone. They aimed to go beyond the traditional website format, opting for a navigation structure that would showcase their values and expertise in a visually compelling manner.


A digital presence that truly reflects their identity and vision.

Through collaboration and strategic planning, Turnerboone successfully launched a revamped website that exceeded expectations. With innovative navigation sections such as Places, People, Passion, Purpose, Projects, and Products, visitors are immersed in Turnerboone's world from the moment they land on the site.

A two-day branding workshop provided clarity and direction.

As their expansion gained momentum, Turnerboone turned to us for strategic guidance. In a collaborative two-day workshop, we delved deep into the intricacies of their branding strategy. Together, we explored critical questions: Should they maintain the Turnerboone brand? Or opt for a co-branding approach with equity-holding companies in existing markets? How could these scenarios be graphically represented, and what would be the cost implications? Through rigorous brainstorming and meticulous planning, the Turnerboone team emerged with a clear roadmap for their brand evolution.

Turnerboone's brand evolution and digital transformation exemplify their commitment to seamless expansion and enduring excellence.


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