TGS Yearbook: Vol 1

A diverse community of thinkers, creatives and connectors.
The Gathering Spot
Atlanta, GA

Community + Connections

The Gathering Spot is a diverse community of thinkers, creatives and connectors driven to leave their mark on the world.
TGS Yearbook: Vol 1

“Working with Tantrum was one of the best experiences that we’ve had here at TGS.”

Ryan Wilson
CEO & Co-Founder

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TGS Yearbook: Vol 1

A modern day movement.

The ingenuity of college days. Every moment, a bridge to opportunity, An unfiltered experience. A circle of trust. A place that connects you to the past and requires your presence to impact the future.‍

A curated experience.

Each gathering is curated to create conversation, provoke thought and disrupt the status quo. Designed to foster collaboration, our spot is a mashup of culture, innovation, and purpose. An assembly of influence harnessing the spirit of the salon.

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TGS Yearbook: Vol 1