Alma DVF

Alma DVF is a safe haven where victims of domestic violence can feel secure, supported and hopeful.
Alma DVF
Atlanta, GA

From Personal Struggle to Collective Hope

For Alma G. Davis, the mission was personal. With a history of domestic violence woven into her own life, Alma set out to create a sanctuary for survivors like herself. However, despite 17 years of dedicated service, their story remained untold to many. The challenge lay in sharing their deeply personal journey with the wider world, connecting with those who could understand and support their cause.


Building Bridges of Support

In Tantrum, Alma found more than just a collaborator; she found an agency who understood her journey on a deeply personal level. Together, they aimed to breathe life into the foundation's mission, infusing it with the raw emotion and resilience that defined Alma's own experiences. Their goal was not just to raise awareness but to spark empathy and action, inviting others to join their fight against domestic violence.


Transforming Lives & Restoring Hope

Through shared stories and shared pain, Alma and David forged a powerful partnership that transcended advocacy. Together, they crafted a narrative that spoke directly to the heart, shining a light on the often-overlooked struggles of survivors. Their hope was not just to inspire change but to ignite a movement—one fueled by empathy, understanding, and unwavering support for those who had endured the darkness of domestic violence.

Giving Hope. Saving Lives. Changing Communities.

The Alma Domestic Violence Foundation, formerly Alma G. Davis Foundation, was founded in 2005 by Alma G. Davis as a result of her own personal trials and triumphs with domestic violence. Now a respected businesswoman and community leader, Davis has made it her passion to uplift women and teen survivors.
Alma DVF

You always have someone to call.

Alma DVF


The Alma Domestic Violence Foundation strives to educate, empower and celebrate survivors of domestic violence while helping them to achieve financial stability, self-sufficiency and an understanding that they are never alone on their journeys.


To aid in the eradication of domestic violence globally and to educate the public about its continued efforts while creating a safe haven for victims to feel secure, supported and hopeful.

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Alma DVF