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Alma DVF

You always have someone to call.


Atlanta, GA

You always have someone to call.

The Alma Domestic Violence Foundation strives to educate, empower and celebrate survivors of domestic violence while helping them to achieve financial stability, self-sufficiency and an understanding that they are never alone on their journeys. To aid in the eradication of domestic violence globally and to educate the public about its continued efforts while creating a safe haven for victims to feel secure, supported and hopeful.

The Alma Domestic Violence Foundation, formerly Alma G. DavisFoundation, was founded in 2005 by Alma G. Davis as a result of her own personal trials and triumphs with domestic violence. Now a respected businesswoman and community leader, Davis has made it her passion to uplift women and teen survivors.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the foundation serves thousands of victims at 64 facilities across the state. Alma is a safe haven for all–ready to save and assist in the rebuilding process to ensure victims can be survivors.

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