Old Hillside Bourbon Co.

The name “Old Hillside" derives from Hillside High School in Durham, North Carolina. This historically Black high school is one of five high schools that still operates post desegregation. Though only Jesse and Brian attended this school, all four founders appreciate the history and heritage that the name holds and believed it was more than worthy of their brand name.
Old Hillside Bourbon Company
Raleigh, NC

Modernizing Old Hillside Bourbon's Online Presence

Old Hillside Bourbon Company faced the challenge of needing a modernized online presence to support its growth trajectory. The existing website failed to convey the brand's story effectively, hindering its ability to attract new customers and distributors.


Bringing Old Hillside Bourbon's Story to Life

The goal was to revamp the website to make it more modern while still reflecting the rich heritage of Old Hillside Bourbon. The founders aimed to create a platform that not only showcased their product but also incorporated compelling narratives about the brand's origins and its ties to Hillside High School.


A Fusion of Legacy and Innovation

By incorporating stories of the founders' connection to Hillside High School and their passion for bourbon, the website became more than just an online storefront—it became a platform for sharing the brand's history and values, attracting both new customers and distributors.

Old Hillside Bourbon Co.

Old Hillside Bourbon Co.

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Old Hillside Bourbon Co.