Hawks 50th Anniversary

Throwing back to a classic look. Hawks to celebrate 50 years in the City of Atlanta.
Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta, GA

Celebrating 50 Years

The Atlanta Hawks faced the challenge of commemorating their 50th anniversary in a way that celebrated their rich history while also reflecting their forward-thinking and innovative approach to the game.


Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future

The goal was to create a cohesive branding and design strategy for the 50th anniversary celebration, encompassing a new logo, special edition jerseys, and a commemorative court design. The aim was to capture the essence of the Hawks' legacy while infusing it with a modern twist that resonated with fans and players alike.


Striking Gold

Tantrum Agency partnered with the Atlanta Hawks to design a striking new logo that incorporated gold accents to signify the milestone anniversary. They crafted special edition jerseys featuring a unique feather pattern inspired by the Hawks' iconic phoenix motif, symbolizing growth and transformation. Additionally, Tantrum created a commemorative court design that honored the team's history while providing a clean and timeless playing surface. The result was a cohesive and visually stunning celebration of the Atlanta Hawks' 50 years of excellence in the NBA.

True To Atlanta

To commemorate 50 years in Atlanta, Hawks CEO Steve Koonin unveiled the team’s first-ever secondary court, a 50th Anniversary black and gold floor that will be used at select home games.
Hawks 50th Anniversary

“We are going back to a simpler time, what the courts were 50 years ago, and calling out our 50th season in a big way at center court.”

Melissa Proctor
Chief Marketing Officer

Celebrating 50 Years

Hawks 50th Anniversary

Community Focus

To commemorate 50 years in Atlanta, the Hawks have pledged to complete 50 acts of service designed to impact 50,000 lives, while integrating current Hawks players, alumni and staff.

Signature Moments

Budweiser has partnered with the team to present several signature moments, including two 50th Anniversary game nights, a new content series highlighting 50 historic Hawks moments, fan voting to select the top Hawks of all time, and a digital heritage hall.

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Hawks 50th Anniversary