Tantrum In The News: Tantrum Featured in Digiday's June "Marketing Briefing" Series
May 31, 2022
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Holidays have long been an economic engine for brands to take part in cultural moments as a means to boost brand awareness. But increasingly, shoppers are becoming wearier of these moments being commercialized. Especially when those moments are meant for and created by marginalized groups.

Digiday explored this through the lens of Juneteenth in it's June "Marketing Briefing" article, "As Juneteenth nears, some brands’ lack of diversity shows in their performative marketing."

Tantrum's David Tann was one of the featured creatives who offered their perspective in the piece.

“Those [holidays] are real, authentic moments that have real feelings behind them,” said David. “When you try to turn those things into capital moments, where you’re trying to make a buck off of it, you’re gonna get push back every single time.”

Check out the full feature here.

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