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The Apple of oral care. The future of oral care has never looked brighter.
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From Clicks to Bricks: Snow's Quest for Retail Relevance

SNOW®, a rapidly growing at-home teeth whitening brand, faced the challenge of transitioning from being an online sensation to establishing a significant presence in retail stores nationwide. As they sought to expand beyond their digital roots, they encountered the need to redefine their brand strategy, messaging, and packaging to resonate effectively with consumers in physical retail environments.


Transition from Online Sensation to Retail Powerhouse

SNOW's objective was clear: evolve from an e-commerce darling to a household name in retail. With a focus on global identity and innovation within the oral care market, SNOW® aimed to solidify its reputation as a trusted brand while redefining consumer expectations in teeth whitening. The goal was to seamlessly integrate online and offline channels, establishing SNOW® as a leader in both realms.


A Cohesive Approach to Omni-Channel Marketing

Through strategic redesigns of product packaging and the creation of retail-focused marketing materials, Snow successfully transitioned into brick-and-mortar retail environments. The redesigned packaging for their whitening kit, toothpaste, lip exfoliator, mouthwash, and whitening wands, along with eye-catching POP displays and end-cap designs, positioned Snow as a standout brand on store shelves.

Retail ready.

SNOW® is loved by nearly 1 million users worldwide, and is the internet's most popular oral care brand. Almost 97% of their customers see results after just one use and 100% after 21 days. Yet, the brand needed some help taking their beloved products to retail. That's where we came in.
SNOW Whitening

The Apple of Oral Care

SNOW Whitening

The Challenge

We were able to help the SNOW® team develop retail ready packaging, which allowed their products to be sold on shelves as well as on-line. Known as the Apple of oral care, the packaging had to convey to communicate important information while still maintaining the brand's premium aesthetic.

The Result

You can now find their products in some of the largest retailers in the country. You can even check out some of their reviews at Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and many other premium retail outlets.

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SNOW Whitening