With 52 locations throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia, Gensler is an architecture, design, and planning firm that is truly global.
San Francisco, CA

Transforming Tradition

Gensler, a globally renowned architecture and design firm, approached Tantrum with a unique challenge: to breathe new life into their annual report design. Tasked with revamping the traditional format while preserving Gensler's esteemed reputation for innovation and excellence, Tantrum embarked on a collaborative journey with Gensler's creative teams.


Elevating Engagement

Seeking to captivate audiences and convey their commitment to innovation, Gensler partnered with Tantrum to set a new standard in annual report design. Their goal was clear: to create a dynamic and immersive experience that resonated with their diverse client base worldwide.


Leading Through Change

Gensler's collaboration with Tantrum yielded transformative results with the release of their 2022 annual report, 'Leading Through Change.' The report's bold design and engaging content captivated thousands of clients and contacts worldwide, solidifying Gensler's position as a leader in the architecture, design, and planning industry.

Founded in 1965, the firm serves more than 3,500 clients in a myriad of industries and is known for its diversity, innovation, and care for the environment.

Annual Report 2022


Updated Design Direction

Tantrum assisted Gensler with the design of their 2022 annual report, “Leading Through Change.” Appropriately, the creative director was looking for a change in the design of the report.

Bold & Innovative

Tantrum worked collaboratively with Gensler’s editorial and design teams to spearhead a new annual report design that was bold and innovative, yet still clean and high-end. The report was distributed to thousands of clients and contacts worldwide.

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