Be Bigger Than You Are. Rebranding a small media company with a big personality.
Atlanta, GA

Outgrowing the Past

FRQNCY embarked on its journey as a multimedia production studio and community hub for podcasters, driven by a vision of uniting the world through sound. However, as the company evolved, its initial brand identity began to feel constraining and disconnected from its true essence. The team felt the need for a brand that authentically reflected their eclectic, playful, and innovative spirit, yet struggled to articulate this evolution effectively.


From Vision to Reality

With Tantrum Agency onboard, FRQNCY sought to redefine its brand identity to mirror its internal ethos and external aspirations accurately. The goal was to create a brand that felt like a natural extension of the company's core values and culture—a vibrant representation of its journey, growth, and unique approach to multimedia production. The new brand needed to capture the essence of FRQNCY's eclectic personality while aligning with its mission to amplify voices and build community through sound.


It's a Homecoming

The unveiling of FRQNCY's new brand marks a significant milestone in its evolution—a homecoming to its true essence. Collaborating with Tantrum Agency, FRQNCY crafted a brand identity that resonates deeply with its team and audience alike. From the colorful and dynamic visual elements to the playful yet sophisticated messaging, every aspect of the new brand reflects FRQNCY's passion for creativity, innovation, and community.

They're on a FRQNCY all their own.

FRQNCY is the media company for Diane Von Furstenburg, Coca-Cola, and let’s not forget, the little guys, too. A one-in-a-million blend of thoughtful, passionate, and playful.

“It’s a rebrand, but it feels like we are the FRQNCY we were always meant to be.”

Michelle Khouri
CEO & Founder

Damn-good media production with personality.


Quirky & Experimental

You’ll glimpse callouts to their diverse and multitalented team via a bright and varied color palette. You’ll experience trippy icons and surrealistic collages that nods to the endless creative possibilities of working with sound. You’ll see vintage black-and-white images that pay homage to the quirky and experimental history of sound.

It's a homecoming

We collaborated with the FRQNCY team to create an identity that got to the root of what was always in their heart. That’s why the brand's founder and CEO, Michelle Khouri, describes the rebrand as more like a homecoming than a departure.

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