Beam's cloud-based platform streamlines the delivery of critical public benefits to vulnerable populations.
San Francisco, CA
Brand Positioning


Beam’s mission is to transform the social safety net by helping governments and institutions deliver cash equitably, efficiently, and securely.

Brand Positioning


At Beam, we believe empowering institutions and governments with equitable and effective cash assistance technology can help end poverty in their communities — and across the country.

Brand Positioning

Brand Promise

Beam gives institutions and governments the ability to safely and securely provide cash assistance to those that need it most to keep the futures of all moving forward fast.

Everyone deserves the chance to thrive

Beam hoped to adopt more of a human-centered branding style, moving away from cartoonish illustrations to better reflect the end users of Beam’s technology: applicants and the case managers attempting to serve them.

Power programs simply, faster, and more equitably.


The Challenge

When Beam reached out to Tantrum, the organization actually wasn’t “Beam” at all; they were known as Edquity. Edquity was heavily focused in the higher education sector, partnering with 40+ institutions to revolutionize how they support students’ basic needs through the provision of emergency financial assistance. They needed to rename and reposition themselves. “Edquity” was difficult to pronounce, more difficult to spell, and really had no powerful connotation to it.

The Result

The result was a full rebrand, from a clearer name that connotes assistance and warmth, to a fresh new aesthetic that hints at beams of light while still allowing space for the software solution itself to take center stage. A new aesthetic reflected a shift from working solely with postsecondary institutions to working with all cash and benefit programs across government and communities to get timely support to all in need.

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