One for the Books: A “History-Making” Collaboration with The Gathering Spot

One for the Books: A “History-Making” Collaboration with The Gathering Spot

Tantrum is proud to call The Gathering Spot (TGS) a client and a collaborator. When TGS co-founder, Ryan Wilson, called on Tantrum to help with a “special project,” we knew it would be one for the history books. Little did we know, we would be creating THE history book!

Tantrum  worked diligently with Ryan and his team to create the club’s inaugural yearbook, 408 pages of photos, stories and memories. Titled “This is Why We Gather,” the yearbook chronicles the club from its earliest beginnings to today.

“People always ask me, ‘What’s your favorite project?’ I usually tell them I don’t have one. They’re all widgets to me. I don’t care what we create, I just love the process. This one is different though. Rarely do you get to spend countless hours with one of the youngest, most progressive and audacious CEOs of a generation.

Ryan Wilson is definitely all that and more. He and TK [co-founder] made history, and we’re honored that the team trusted Tantrum to document it. There will undoubtedly be other books, but we’ll always be able to say that we did the first one!”

Hear from Ryan in the video below on TGS/Tantrum collaboration and check out some of the project highlights.

About The Gathering Spot: The Gathering Spot is a next-generation network of private membership clubs, which serve as a hub of diversity and a cultural epicenter for ideas, one-of-a-kind experiences, gatherings of impact, and transformative relationships. Members of The Gathering Spot are leading entrepreneurs, creators, disruptors, executives, artists, and forward-thinkers who possess the ambition to make an impact in the world. For more information or to apply, visit

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