Live Well. Love Well. BLESSWELL.

Live Well. Love Well. BLESSWELL.

Could we be having more fun at Tantrum these days?!

We love it when our clients give us the opportunity to build and create with them from the beginning. Thanks to Miami-based IMPACT Brokers that's exactly what we were able to do. IMPACT Brokers brought us on to help create the full brand identity and packaging for BLESSWELL, which took our team back to our days in retail.

The new CBD-infused men’s grooming line was created by one of the leading producers and manufacturers of hemp-derived CBD wellness products, Endexx Corporation. Endexx designed the brand to introduce men to a realistic, holistic form of self-care and was inspired by Grammy Award-winning producer DJ Khaled and his pursuit for wellness and his time spent in the Honeywell of the Jamaican Irie. The sustainably sourced collection features 100% U.S. grown and processed hemp products that focus on a natural approach to achieving healthy hair and skin.

Tantrum was able to draw upon its deep experience working with some of the world's most prominent retail brands to create a packaging system that would be reflective of the BLESSWELL brand and stand out amongst others in the health and beauty space. It's been exciting to see it all finally come to fruition!

Now scroll down...and BE BLESSED! 

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