What We’re Reading: The Webby Awards’ “Never Niche Enough” 2023 Trend Report
January 31, 2023
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The Webby Awards team has released its annual report, presented in partnership with WP Engine and YouGov, titled Never Niche Enough! It explores Gen Z’s shift to niche communities and micro-networks, how they’ve redefined online communities, and why the future of digital is rooted in authenticity. Link to the download the report is below, which highlights what consumers want online and case studies on how brands can strategize to reach them.

Key Takeaways:

- Gen Z is online, at almost all times.

- Gen Z is turning to niche communities to form connections. When asked where they find community, social media or online groups and video games ranked highest.

- Gen Z places a premium on individual expression and inclusivity. They want to have their own style and unique interests, and respect those of their peers. This is natural, as they're the most diverse generation in history

- The diversity of micro-communities is vast, and shows no signs of narrowing.

- Top Four Motivators for Gen Z:

1. Connection and Belonging

2. Creativity and DIY Ethos

3. Private and Safe Spaces Online

4. Authenticity

Read the Full Report

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