Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools



noun, plural la•cu•nae [luh-kyoo-nee]

A space where something has been omitted or has come out; a gap or missing part, especially in a manuscript, series, or logical argument; hiatus.

In the spring of 2019, we were approached by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. They were reviewing their current curriculum and identified some opportunities for improvement. They noticed that there was a lacuna between what was being taught in the classroom and what was happening in the real world. We were asked to put together an educational program to help fill that void. 

We studied the blueprints for the introductory courses of both Marketing and Business Pathways. We identified the core principles in each program. We also identified key words, terms, and concepts that were not covered in the existing curriculum. We knew that the core curriculum is what the students would ultimately be tested on. As a result, our goal was not to create materials that replaced the current curriculum. Rather, we sought to develop supplementary materials that helped bring the curriculum to life in ways that are interesting and relevant to today’s student. 


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Photography by Andramada Brittian