Bragg Gaming Group
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Bragg Gaming Group (TSXV:BRAG) debuted on the TSX Venture Exchange under the current name Bragg in December 2018. It has three core businesses: Oryx, an online casino technology group; GiveMeSport, a sports-focused media company and Facebook’s largest sports publisher with more than 26 million fans; as well as GiveMeBet, a new online sports betting brand and casino site that aims to draw viewers from GiveMeSport.

The GiveMeSport site is being repositioned to make sure it grows its audience with an interest in the different gaming sectors – starting with sports betting. “GiveMeSport has a bigger following on Facebook than ESPN and Sky Sports,” says Dominic Mansour, CEO of Bragg Gaming Group. “We plan to use this as a platform to grow into sports betting, initially in the UK, and further into the US.” ➝


Brand Icon by Jim Kennelly

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