Not a box


Don't Put Me In Your Box

Inspiration can come from anywhere! While I’m knee-deep in Gary Vee’s "Crushing It", the most profound thing I’ve come across this week may be the children’s book "Not a Box" by Antoinette Portis. Though the intent of this book is to laud and inspire children to use their imaginations. As an adult, my takeaway was that it’s okay to see things differently.

Too often, people try to categorize, compartmentalize, or confine us to a specific area or set of skills. You can’t allow other people’s reality or lack of vision deter you from your beliefs or passion. I’ve been in a million meetings where people say, “we need to think outside the box.” Yet, most organizations operate by confining people to very specific roles… and by default, placing them in boxes. The company doesn't value your opinion on "x" because they only see you as having expertise in "y". 

This book was all the motivation I needed this week. Yes, I’m going to keep reading Gary Vee, but I’m also going to be mindful that my passion and my dream is mine. It’s okay for others not to see that vision. I’ll let the masses allow others to define their existence... and their careers. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here with my robot, putting out fires, driving my racecar, flying a hot air balloon, and climbing Mt. Everest.   

David TannTantrum Agency